New Zealand 2015

Day 5 Ashburton to Winchester

A really great, flat and downhill, 55 km ride to Winchester. Took breaks at 15km way points and just spend a pleasant day in the coastal farmlands. Minor headwinds mostly blocked by the tree rows planted along the edges of the fields. Arrived at the Winchester Holiday Park around 5pm with plenty of daylight and time to set up camp in a leisurely manner. This was however to be the end of riding for this trip. I came on the trip with a pending physical challenge, knowing that it might flare up and it did.

Day 3 Rakaia River Campground

Decided I needed a rest day and a chance to try fishing the Rakaia River next to the campground. Lucky that I did delay the day, the winds were terrible reaching gusts of 120 km/hr (72 mph). Met one couple towing a travel trailer (caravan) who took refuge in the campground to keep from being blown off the roads. The wind in the tall evergreens of the campground were quite dramatic, another memory of the storms we had on the Olympic Peninsula when I was young (still have those storms with or without me).