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Day​ 7, Mile 214 to 285

Day​7, 4 June 71 miles (115 km} La Junta to Eads - headwinds and long gentle uphill for half the ride. This part of the country is flat in every direction with just enough rolling prairie to keep the downhill from getting boring.


In Animas stopped at a roadside trailer for coffee and free lemon cake from Isaac, former welder turned barista. Nice break. From our conversation it sounds like Colorado has become the prisons center for this part of the US with a mix of private and state run institutions.


Day 6, Mile 175 to 216

Day 6, 3 June, 41 miles (67 km) final elevation 4000 ft, the day Bill Joe McAlester jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge. Ordway to B Old Fort National Historic Site. Cool rebuild of the farthest west outpost of its kind in the mid 1850's. Weather was looking nasty so it was back to La Junta for a cheap motel for the night. Time to start camping before my budget is permanently damaged.

Day 4-​5, Ordway*

Day 4 1 June

Day 5 2 June - Woke feeling the exertion and sun of the past 4 days. Extended my stay at the Hotel Ordway for one more day and went back to bed.

Organizational chores today. Packed and mailed my cold weather gear to my daughter near San Francisco. Repacked bags now that I have a bit more room. Nothing tied on the outside of the bike now.

Great breakfast at the Bit and Spurs restaurant. Cook was concerned that he may have overcooked the sausage links so he gave me an extra serving! Got my sausage fix for the week. On to Bent's Old Fort on Sunday.

Day 4, Mile 114 to 175

Day 4 - 1 June - 61 miles (99 km) - Pueblo to Ordway Colorado- altitude loss 557 ft ( 170 m) air is getting thicker day by day now at 4300 ft. - another long day in the sun - last 40 km with an amazing tail wind made the extra distance possible. 

Passed through several dying towns, stores and restaurants empty and for sale, couldn't buy a cold drink until 6 miles from Ordway. Interstate hiway 50 is a 4 lane freeway that parallels Colorado 96. The effect on the small towns was devastating. Ordway survives due to a state prison nearby. 

Day 3, Mile 59 to 114

31 May - 56 miles (88 km) - Colorado Springs to Pueblo - altitude loss 1785 ft (540 m) can almost breathe - long day in the sun. Beautiful bike trails in Colorado Springs downgraded to gravel for the Fountain Regional Trail which eventually got too dicey for a loaded touring bike.

Note to self "double check Google recommended bicycle routes" In Colorado when they say Old Pueblo Road they aren't kidding! 30 miles of hard pack dirt road, but no cars. Kept looking up expecting buzzards circling over head. Yeah, riding on dirt roads is slower than asphalt,